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Did Jesus Wear Undies?

Answering Big Bible Questions

Here is the church. Here’s the steeple.
Open the doors and see all the people.”

Not exactly.

Ryan and his wife, Lindsay, have been intentional about speaking Truth into daily life with their three girls and do not shy away from answering their big, Bible Questions. Ryan was inspired to write this book after collecting years of questions from his daughters and learning to answer them with sound doctrine, but at a level for their young minds to comprehend.

In “Did Jesus wear undies”, Ryan takes 20 questions from his collection and provides a section for parents that gives a deeper, more full explanation to answer the question followed by a section in “kid terms”. This book is created as a resource for parents, grandparents, and adults who have the opportunity to answer these Big Bible questions.

In this book, you will learn:

  • You are not alone as an adult
  • Having questions about God is okay
  • It’s possible to answer big theological questions simply
  • Kids can understand the Bible too
  • God uses us to speak Truth to our children

Mixing in the humor of parenting, children, and the lessons from the Bible, you will have a greater understanding of how to address difficult questions about the Bible for your kids.

Read Did Jesus Wear Undies? today!

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